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My poker pal’s Kershaw hunting knife

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I sharpened one of my poker pals' hunting knife. I couldn't reshape the edge, but what I gave him is probably better.

I was playing poker with the boys.

My hands got fidgety so I took out my Honey Badger and started flicking it, while eyeing the cards.

One of my opponents, Dylan, asked if he could take a look at my blade and told me that he owns a Kershaw (1896GH LoneRock large fixed blade). He’s quite chuffed with his knife and asked if I’d like to see it. Of course I said yes, so he fetched it.

Kershaw makes a fine knife.

But the finest knife with a blunt edge doesn’t mean much.

Dylan’s Kershaw has never been sharpened. Ever.

So I offered to sharpen it for him.

If the pictures aren’t too blurry you’ll notice that the I couldn’t get the edge reshaped.

The reason for this is because I can’t get belts for my Ken Onion sharpener.

I’m forced to start with a P220 grit belt when in fact I would have liked to use a P60 or P80, then a P120. (If you want to sponsor me with some Worksharp belts I’d be elated.)

Despite starting off with the wrong grit I got a nice edge on the Kershaw.

And because I couldn’t reshape the edge completely, it’ll probably be stronger.

Dylan’s knife is now near razor sharp and he’s ready to cut anyone who double crosses him in poker.

I didn’t sharpen the gut hook however, even though it’s entirely possible.

If Dylan should go ballistic on a fellow poker player we don’t want him to use a knife with a sharp gut hook. It’s enough that the blade is insanely sharp.

Bring your blades for a sharpening session and save your energy for more important things. Like fishing.

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