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Marie se messie

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Her knife is now even sharper than it was, which means she can go back to her happy little place and cut to her heart's content.

A friend of mine, Marie, brought me one of her knives the other day, asking whether I’d be able to sharpen it.

I took a look at it and told her that I was surprised to note that the edge wasn’t all that blunt.

But I’m not one to say no to work so I gladly accepted the job.

The knife is a scalloped Clean Cut chef’s knife (Riffle Slicer). The scallop design (what they call the Riffle) ensures that whatever you’re cutting doesn’t stick to the cheek of the blade, but if the blade is blunt it’s functionality that takes back seat.

But now that her knife’s edge is super sharp she can also enjoy the purpose of the scalloped cheek.

Marie can get back to slicing and dicing with the greatest of ease, which means she’ll be spending more time in her happy little place and less time sweating through hard veggies and other foods.

But there’s one thing sharper than Marie’s knife. Read Hebrews 4:12. May it show you the way in these trying times as we face a global crisis.


Bring your blades for a sharpening session and save your energy for more important things. Like fishing.

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