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Enough kitchen knives to take on a whole zombie army

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More knives, including single bevel and serrated, successfully sharpened.

So this lady’s husband dropped off her kitchen knives for me to sharpen.

There were enough blades to take on a zombie horde.

There were three knives with a single bevel, as well as a small serrated steak knife.

Then there was a monstrous chef’s knife and a smaller Japanese cleaver.

It took me an hour or so but I got through the whole bunch eventually.

Are all of the blades razor sharp?


Seems many people prefer their blades to not be sharp enough to take off a finger when they’re scratching in a drawer for a sharp knife.

So I hung back on these knives. Some of them are slightly sharper, but they’re far from razor.

They’re still much better than when I received them. Some of them were so blunt you’d be able to lick the blade without cutting your tongue. And I’m not exaggerating.

Of course, I prefer my own blades to be super sharp, so I sharpen them accordingly.

So bring in your blades for a sharpen. If you want them razor sharp I’ll oblige. But if you only want them sharp enough to not have to hammer your way through your veggies, bring them over.

Bring your blades for a sharpening session and save your energy for more important things. Like fishing.

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