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After this, Steve’s drill bits will probably work better than when they were brand new

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Some before and after pics of Steve's drill bits. Steve can get back to DRILLING holes through things, not BURNING holes through.

A buddy of mine, Steve, brought round some drill bits, chisels and his pocket knife for a sharpen.

Here are some before and after pics of the drill bits. I’ll share the chisels and pocket knife in a different post.

These drill bits didn’t need much attention, but some of his others were so worn I advised him to chuck them, rather than try to sharpen.

Of course, these bits were kept cool throughout the sharpening process.

I’m sharing some wood drills too, but truth be told, these are a shlep to sharpen. I can do them, but don’t expect too much magic from them. But they’ll work some more before Steve needs to chuck them.

If you want your drill bits to work again book them for a sharpening session.

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Wow, I can hardly believe the improvement, 👍🏾

Bring your blades for a sharpening session and save your energy for more important things. Like fishing.

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