Blade sharpening service Jeffreys Bay

Stop wasting time and energy on already life-sucking tasks. Bring your knives, scissors, chisels, drill bits and axes for sharpening and save time and energy by using your utensils and tools the right way.

Kitchen knives

It’s been a long day. Do you really have the energy to slog through those fruits and veggies with a blunt knife? Bring your chef’s knife, cleaver, utility knife, paring knife, santoku, boning knife or steak knife for a sharpening session.

Hunting knives

Your buddy’s blade’s doing fine with that thick piece of biltong. It also made light work of slicing through springbok hide earlier. Your hunting knife might as well have been a spork. Bring it in for sharpening.

Pocket knives

Your pocket knife is like a sixth finger, but with more oomph. That is, if it’s sharp. If your EDC is blunt you might as well substitute it with a teaspoon. Or bring it in for sharpening and make it useful again.


Your scissors struggling to make it through a sliver of toilet paper, much less other materials? Or perhaps you’re a barber and one of your clients complained about you hacking their hairdo. Bring in your scissors for a sharpen.


Your axe thumping into your wood like a rubber mallet? You could be saving cash and getting a good workout just by chopping wood, instead of always buying. But your axe’s edge must be keen, so bring it in for a sharpen.


Your chisels not even denting the wood, much less carving it? Woodworking chisels are some of the finest tools you can use, but they’re an absolute pain when blunt. Bring your chisels for a sharpen and enjoy effortless wood cutting.

Drill bits

A dull drill bit causes major strain on your muscles and machines. And it’s downright dangerous. Put too much pressure on a blunt drill bit and it’ll bend and snap. And uncontrolled flying metal is never good. Bring your bits in for a sharpen and enjoy better and safer drilling.

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